SALT - 2007/2008 Update


Salt is most likely the most famous humpback whale in the world. She was first sighted in 1976 in the waters of Stellwagon Bank Sactuary off Cape Cod, Massachusetts and the first whale to be officially documented into the Center for Coastal Studies whale research program.

Salt is also the first humpback from the Gulf of Maine area to be documented on Silver Bank off the Dominican Republic where many humpbacks go for the winter. She has also been sighted in the Antilles in three separatae winters.

Salt was also the first whale to be given a name. Whales are named in association with some distinguishing physical feature, usually the markings on the tail flukes. Salt's name, however, was based on the thick, white scarring on her dorsal fin that made it look like it was encrusted with salt.

She has given birth to at least 10 calves in her life. Her age was unknown when she was first sighted, but her most recent calf was born when she was at least 30 years old. It was named Soya. Her first, and also rather famous male calf, was Crystal. Salt's oldest daughter, Thalassa, gave birth to Salt's first grand-calf, Skeeter, in 1992. Since then she has had 4 more.

Salt continues to be a beloved sighting of whale watchers. She has been sighted on Stellwagon Bank every year but one since 1976. All the more reason to continue to work for conservation efforts for the 1000 endangered humpback whales that migrate each year between the Caribbean and North Atlantic.

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