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NEW!! 2011. Written by Peter Trull, illustrated by Clark. Available through ClarkStudio
Bird Watcher's General Store
Barnes & Noble.

Done!!! Illustrated and written by Clark.
A story about a baby chickadee venturing out of his woodland home to see the ocean. He's not ready for what he finds and is rescued by a baby humpback whale.

Shhhh!!! Don't get too excited just yet, but progress is in the works for an animated movie version with a much bigger story and much bigger adventure!

To Order go to: "Chickadee & The Whale"

Watch A Special Version of "Chickadee & The Whale" on You-Tube: Go to:
"Chickadee & The Whale on You-Tube"

This special version features original music composed and performed by Scott Raigel

Brand new from Clark, just out now, 2009. To read about it and order, go to: "The Birds We Live With"

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